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Your website design should enhance your business branding, present a clear message, keep the look of your site consistent, and allow simplicity of use.

The design of your website is the first thing that people notice about your website. Not the content, but the design. Your website design consists of the look and feel of your website. Images, colors, and the layout all share in the design aspect.

Also included would be typography. This would be the font selected, the size, and color. This formatting can help your website design, however it can also cause confusion.

Website Design Costs

There are many ways to have your website designed. You can hire a designer, post a design project online through one of the many design networks, pay for an existing design (already designed and sold at discounted prices), or use a free template. Your website design can be available at no cost or upwards of $2500. Adding in customizations to fit your needs and goals will make the cost go up further.

Design Time Line - How long does it take?

With most designs, we are able to modify an existing design within a few hours. A custom designed website can take as long as 7 business days to complete. Custom website designs do not require any additional modifications as they are designed specifically with your website layout in mind.

Note: Similarities in website layouts may occur. We attempt to keep every website on its own design course. You may see similarities with some of our websites. Overtime, the website design will keep to the goals and the similarities will change. We can always add website development features to change the way the website design looks.

Careful: Contracts with custom design may contain clauses of similarities, templates, or other terms that mean your custom design is not actually custom designed, but customized design. Ask for an Original Website Design Template.

Design Phase

Your website design will allow for you to keep to a consistent branding for your organization, create an easy to use website, and move your visitor's through your website. Some of our basics website design services are:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Website Re-design
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Search Engine Optimized Content

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