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Website Review

Banning Chamber of Commerce

Support Team - Monday, September 05, 2016

Website review pending.

Beaumont Chamber Commerce

Support Team - Thursday, August 11, 2011

This week’s website review is on the Beaumont, California Chamber of Commerce website. The website reviews are conducted from the standpoint of visually seeing if these 7 categories are met: Design, Branding, Content, Functionality, Accuracy, Links, Social Media. If you are new to our site, check out the blog post “7 Step Guide to Reviewing a Website” for more detailed information about what we think should be visible on every website.

The web address we will be reviewing is www.beaumontcachamber.com.

Design – The design of the Beaumont Chamber site is pretty basic. The homepage only has a little bit of text, a few images and the logo. The only thing I would suggest is to update it a little bit. If they give their site a facelift it shows the businesses in the community that they care about their website and this will provide them with a good looking, easy to use website.

Branding – The website has their logo on it which represents their branding. It would be nice to see it a little more on a few other pages maybe next to Join the Chamber or the Board of Directors section just to remind people what site they are on. By using a higher quality image it would enhance their branding because it would make the logo look nicer and less pixilated.

Content – The content on the Chamber website is not as helpful as it should be. For a community website, they should have a lot of content that informs anyone who goes to the website to try to receive some information about the city, the events, and the businesses within the community (especially since they pay to be part of the Chamber). My suggestion is just to inform the community about anything and everything. Yes, it may be something simple that everyone might know, but, there are some people who are unaware and this is the place they are going to TRY and find it.

Functionality – The website is easy to navigate since there is not a lot of content. Everything is in the correct place which is helpful and easy to find. One thing that I would change is the fact that you cannot click on the logo or the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce to take you back to the homepage. That is one thing that I find extremely helpful on websites because the logo should always be there, when sometimes the “home” button is harder to find.

Accuracy – Are all the images and the people listed in the Board of Directors and Meet the Staff correct? I know of one person who is part of the Chamber and she is not even listed, so I am going to have to say NO. Update, Update, Update! Keep your viewers wanting more and your traffic will increase because they will see you care about your website. Make sure all of the event dates, times, and places are correct along with all contact information.

Links – There are a lot of links on this website. Like mentioned above in the content section they need to inform their visitors about the community businesses. Just by adding a link is not what I am talking about. The links are great and helpful, but who wants to go and click on eight different links to find out what they could have just by staying on one site. They have successfully linked all of their outbound links on their Community Links page. One thing the Beaumont Chamber can do is link to other pages within its own website to make navigating through their site a little easier for their users. Another thing is to make sure all images work on your website—it does not look good when a whole page that is supposed to have images does not show up.

Social Media – The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has a Facebook page but it does not show up on ALL of the web pages. Also, when you click on the icon it takes you to the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Friend page. Since the Chamber is a business, their Facebook page should be set up as a company that way people can “Like” the page and not have to worry about being accepted or not.

There are many things that the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has on their site that is helpful but they just need to go that extra step to make it perfect. By adding more content, fixing images and links, and updating the design a little bit, their site will look like new and their rankings will be better in the search engines.

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