How often do you review your website? If not weekly, then you could be missing out on issues that typically occur with all websites. In performing a Website Audit, you are essentially reviewing a set of factors that helps keep you in the search engines, helps your users navigate your website, and common upkeep tasks to ensure the design and page content are complete.

Finding issues on your website does not require you to go through every page manually. Even if you have a small website with minimal pages, you may not catch all the issues yourself. Instead, it is best to use a digital service like Google Search Console, formerly called Google Webmaster Tools. Once you have verified your domain, Google will give you access to crawl information and most importantly an overview of your whole website and if any issues are found.

In Google’s eyes, your website user experience is important as the mobile usability, page experience, and core web vitals. However, you want to look at the Coverage >> Full Report to find any errors. If you are not seeing a completed report, make sure you have submitted a Sitemap to Google for their scanning. This ensures Google sees all your pages.

Another item to watch, that has become increasingly important is your website's security issues. Google Search Console helps you with this as well. If Google finds a security threat with your website, it will list them for you with a little help to fix.

Oftentimes, fixing your website and finding issues is the last thing on your mind. You could be focusing more on your business, sales, and providing services with IE Web Services becoming your website partner under our Website Care Service. Contact us today for more information and we’ll be delighted to walk you through our service offerings.